The Rendere Trust is a specialist philanthropic organisation dedicating 100% of its resources to the environment.

Founded by the Phillipson family from the Gippsland region of Victoria, Rendere is a recognised leader in environmental philanthropy, bringing together the necessary skills, resources and networks to allow people and nature to thrive.

Every decision Rendere makes is based on deep listening and learning with environmental leaders and practitioners who are addressing environmental issues on the ground.  

We offer strategic advice, deep knowledge of the eNGO sector and catalytic funding to help these organisations gather the resources they need to achieve impact at scale.


Landcare Victoria

Landcare Victoria needed a stronger voice to advocate for funding and support its dynamic local groups. By engaging with other philanthropists, we were able to underwrite the appointment of new CEO.


Rendere is a proud founding supporter of the Biodiversity Council – Australia’s first scientific body dedicated to fostering public, policy and industry recognition of our priceless natural heritage.

Land Covenantors Vic

In 2022, Rendere provided funding and back-of-house support to establish a new association to bring land covenantors together to share knowledge and advocate for better policy settings.