Impact Investment: Land Covenanters Victoria

Supporting the private land conservation movement 


This new association will play a crucial role in elevating the value of private land conservation in Victoria and activate a number of activities to ensure that local, state and federal government bodies have the right incentives in place to encourage private land conservation.

The private land conservation movement has been growing rapidly since the 1970s, with over 1,500 Victorians placing perpetual covenants on their land to protect our native species and our landscapes for future generations.

These landholders, who have so far saved over 72,000ha of habitat, invest significant time and money into the management of their land using best-practice conservation techniques.

While covenanters work with and receive support from Trust for Nature, Land for Wildlife, local councils, catchment management authorities and others, more can be done to support these landholders and make covenanting more attractive.

To achieve these aims, in 2022 the Rendere Trust funded the establishment of a new association to bring covenanters together to share knowledge, advocate for tax incentives and greater recognition of the value of private land conservation. 

Our process and contribution

Via our involvement with EcoGipps, Trust for Nature and a group of ‘first wave’ land covenanters, the Rendere Trust made the decision to provide core funding and back-of-house support for the formation of Land Covenantors Victoria (LCV) in 2022.

With a highly experienced board now in place, LCV is initiating a number of activities that will remove barriers to private land conservation. This is not just in the interests of landholders; covenanting aligns to local, state and federal government sustainability and environment action plans. 

It’s early days for LCV, but its establishment has been welcomed by the sector and the research community and membership is growing rapidly.

“The Rendere Trust has been instrumental in getting LCV off the ground. Together we’ve been able to build awareness of the benefits of covenanting and how it enables individuals and families to take personal action to protect the environment. This is an inspirational movement – one that will gain significant momentum over the coming years, allowing more and more people to leave a living legacy.

– Land Covenantors Victoria secretary, Diana Droog.