The EcoGipps (ad)venture

Our work on the ground


The Rendere Trust is associated with EcoGipps, a private land conservation venture established by the Phillipson family in the Alpine region of Gippsland, Victoria.

With the support of environmental experts, the local community, Trust for Nature and others, four diverse properties covering over 1,000 acres are being restored and bio-linked to surrounding reserves and parks.

This practical on Country work has revealed insight into the challenges that landholders face in protecting and restoring regional ecosystems; insights that led the Trust to co-found Land Covenantors Victoria in 2022.

Future plans

Based on the success of the first venture, EcoGipps will soon transition into a not-for-profit organisation to give individuals, families, businesses and others the opportunity to join the private land conservation movement and co-create land stewardship plans that consider natural capital and community engagement.