Impact investment

Gippsland Spot-tailed Quoll Recovery project

Funding practical action

Rendere is supporting the establishment of a major emerging flagship initiative to reverse the decline of Spot-tailed Quoll in Gippsland, Victoria.

The project will see the Spot-tailed Quoll returned to Gippsland and lift the public profile and interest in this charismatic species.

Situational context

The Spot-tailed Quoll is a culturally significant carnivorous marsupial with a historically wide distribution across Victoria. However, the population has declined dramatically over the past 30 years and monitoring suggests numbers continue to decline.


The Gippsland Spot-tailed Quoll Recovery project will develop a comprehensive recovery plan to strengthen the population in the upper Snowy River area of Gippsland, a remaining stronghold of the species.

By undertaking a genetic assessment of captive and wild quolls and developing cross-sector, multi-agency and Indigenous partnerships, the initiative will determine key immediate and long-term actions to expand the area of occupancy.

Funding rationale and ongoing involvement

On top of supporting the development of the program, Rendere’s catalytic funding will see the sustained legacy of the initiative in the implementation of the management plan, complemented by the community capacity built over the next three years.

Rendere’s support will also pave the way for other philanthropists and businesses to invest.

Photo with thanks to Pierre Pouliquin.