Impact Investment: Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species

Partnerships for impact

Funding context

To strengthen, amplify and increase the Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species profile and effectiveness, Rendere provides core funding to support day-to-day operations.

This funding is also used to leverage matched funding across FAME’s larger supporter network, which includes a national membership base, trusts, foundations, corporate partners and donors.

Organisational context

Established in 1993 by the trailblazing conservationist, John Warmsley, FAME is dedicated to protecting and rewilding Australian species most at risk of extinction. Its on-ground conservation activities focus on using new tools and technologies to revegetate land, curb feral and invasive populations and reintroduce keystone species.

FAME’s management team, led by CEO Tracy McNamara, have been enormously successful in building partnerships with like-minded organisations, governments, wildlife authorities and private landowners which, in turn, has attracted private funding.

Rendere funding not only supports the organisation but a dozen critical wildlife programs across the country, including the reintroduction of endangered species like the Tasmanian Devil and Western Quoll.

“The Rendere Trust’s holistic support for FAME has been invaluable. Jim [Phillipson] and the team are much more than funders. They provide a soundboard for ideas and robust discussions across a range of topics and also help us connect with like-minded organisations. Jim is always willing to give his time freely.

“On a financial level, Rendere’s monetary support has been a catalyst for further grants and more robust project support.” Tracy McNamara, CEO, FAME

“FAME is a deep investor in species restoration. Its approach is very targeted, supporting the transition of specific species in a practical way. FAME is also highly effective in collaborating with organisations and agencies which, in turn, attracts private funding. FAME’s ability to build and sustain partnerships long-term is key to its success.” 

Rendere Strategic Director, Jim Phillipson