Impact investment:

Creating a culture of environmental giving

Funding context

Research conducted by the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network (AEGN) suggests that just 3-4% of all philanthropic funding in Australia goes to the environment.

To create a stronger culture of giving, Rendere provides core funding to AEGN and actively promotes membership in philanthropic forums.

Organisational context

Founded in 2009, the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network aims to create a safe, trusted space for environmental groups to share funding opportunities with philanthropists – and for philanthropists to learn from and support each other.

Through the AEGN’s innovative Project Clearinghouse platform, members identify projects that align with their interests and values, with hundreds of projects supported to date.

Rendere contributes knowledge, skills and strategic advice to AEGN, actively promotes membership in various circles, participates in events around the country and funds or co-funds programs when and where this funding can be leveraged in a way that gives other philanthropists the confidence to invest.

Outcome and impact

AEGN CEO, Amanda Martin says, “Apart from providing core funding, which is greatly appreciated, Rendere’s Strategic Director, Jim Phillipson, acts as a wise mentor to AEGN Environmental Program Manager, Nature, Margie Jenkin. Jim is always available to talk through difficult or strategic decisions or issues, helping us find clarity and pathways forward. Jim asks probing questions that enable useful reflection and thinking.”