Collaborative impact studies

The following case studies represent a sample of the types of organisations the Rendere Trust supports and the many and varied ways we help them translate their vision and mission into action.


In 2021, the Rendere Trust supported the creation of a new association to  raise awareness of private land conservation and advocate for better tax and government incentives.

Landcare Victoria Inc.

With other philanthropic funders, in 2021 the Trust supported the appointment of a new CEO who has secured new funding and a better future for a pioneering organisation.

Australian wildlife conservancy

AWC owns, manages or works on properties covering almost 6.5M ha. Its operations are underpinned by a strong training/recruitment program and a world-leading Conservation Science Internship Program. 


In just two short years, Team Kowari has raised awareness of the tiny, vulnerable Kowari and set it on a path to threatened species status.


The Trust’s support for Arid Recovery and the intern program is giving next-generation researchers the opportunity to work in a living laboratory in Australia’s arid north.

Foundation for Australia's Most Endangered Species

The Rendere Trust provides strategic advice, funding and resources to support FAME’s rapid growth and ongoing success.


From  humble beginnings, the Nature Glenelg Trust has been extremely successful over the past decade in attracting and leveraging  corporate/government support for the restoration and protection of  key landscapes across the country. 


Saving the Golden-shouldered parrot from the fate of its nearest cousin is the single-minded purpose of the Artemis Nature Fund, based in Far North Queensland.