Celebrating a decade of environmental impact

One person can make a real difference in the world

We want to offer our hearty congratulations to the Nature Glenelg Trust, which recently celebrated its 10th birthday.

The story behind this highly successful not-for-profit, which has grown from a handful of people with complementary skills, is truly remarkable.

The driving force behind the Trust is Mark Bachmann, an ecologist who worked for the South Australian Government for many years, specialising in small mammal ecology.

While at an international conference, Mark had a light bulb moment – that responsibility for protecting and restoring the environment did not rest with government alone; that he could be just as successful and perhaps achieve even more if he brought specialists together in a new science-based environmental organisation.

Initially focused on areas between South Australia and Victoria, the Trust now works across four states, runs a native plant nursery, undertakes threatened species research and recovery projects and has undertaken restoration works at more than 50 wetlands. Supporter funds have also enabled the Trust to purchase several important properties (one of which was profiled in this ABC story).

We look forward to continuing our work with the Trust over the next 10 years and offer our sincere congratulations.

Mark shares the inspiring story behind the establishment of the Nature Glenelg Trust in this compelling 50-minute presentation. Switch Netflix off and immerse yourself in this great story! 

Sea to Summit walk to connect tourists to the East Gippsland wilderness

Report shows strong support for Sea to Summit nature walk in East Gippsland

In 2018, the Victorian Government committed $1.5 million to plan a 120km nature trail linking the East Gippsland wilderness to the coast. While those plans were being made, the 2019/20 bushfires tore through the area burning over 1.1 million hectares of forest, decimating thousands of homes and jobs along the way.

The walk, proposed by Emerald Link with the support of the Goongerah Environment Centre and Wilderness Society, aims to link the environment to the economy and, in doing so, protect “the last unbroken forest wilderness areas on mainland Australia”.

Fortunately, the government continued the planning process throughout 2021, conducting comprehensive market research on the viability of the walk, which winds down from the Errinundra National Park to the Cape Conran Coastal Park.

In February 2022, the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio released initial findings on the viability of the walk and what the researchers found by surveying walkers and focus groups. In summary, it seems that a 4-5 day experience is most likely to appeal to visitors.

We look forward to seeing how the project progresses, viewing it as a valuable contributor to the Government’s Biodiversity 2037 plan and associated Victorians Valuing Nature initiatives.

Protecting a South Gippsland icon, the Strzelecki koala.

Saving a much beloved neighbour

The Strzelecki Koala is Victoria’s only endemic koala species and a Gippsland local who we’re encouraging back onto Country via our EcoGipps venture.

According to Friends of the Earth Melbourne (FoEM) having healthy populations of the Strzelecki Koala is not only important for the region, but for the species as a whole, as genetic diversity is critical.

FoEM is leading efforts to protect the koala and safeguard populations more generally. It has developed a dynamic map of populations and is running a range of innovative programs to raise awareness and encourage citizen science (learn more here). 

Meanwhile in Alberton West

The Rendere Trust is also taking an active interest and role in protecting koala habitat by supporting efforts to save the Alberton West State Forest (near Yarram) from logging by VicForests.

The remnant bushland is home to many threatened species including the Strzelecki Koala, Powerful Owl, Greater Gliders and the Lace Monitor.

Here again, FoEM is leading the charge by calling for greater change against Vicforest and forestry industry standards.