Backing private conservation action

People power | Threatened Species
22 May 2024

The Rendere Trust supports theĀ  establishment of new association for land covenantors

Private land conservation is increasingly being recognised as the missing link in connecting (or reconnecting) habitats, landscapes and communities.

In Victoria, for example, the State Government has plans to restore 200,000 hectares of private land for conservation and in 2022 directed $31m towards organisations such as Trust for Nature to implement a BushBank scheme.

Victorians have, in fact, been covenanting land since the 1970s, with around 1,500 landholders already protecting their land in-perpetuity.

In 2021, the Rendere Trust decided to support these active protectors by funding the establishment of a new association dedicated to supporting landholders and growing the number of covenantors in Victoria.

Launched early in 2022 Land Covenantors Victoria’s (LCV) agenda focuses on raising awareness of the value of private land conservation, expanding the area of land managed under perpetual agreements, increasing the allocation of resources directed to conservation and lobbying local, state and federal government agencies for better tax and other incentives – settings that it hopes will encourage others to follow this path.

If you’re considering placing a covenant on your land (or know someone who is), please sign up as an LCV member or ‘friend’ and get behind the private land conservation movement.