About the Rendere Trust


Helping organisations and leaders transition to the next stage of their development

Founded by the Phillipson family from the Gippsland region of Victoria, Rendere is an invite-only Trust that provides strategic advice and core funding to strengthen organisational structures and build sustainability.

We engage in a process of deep listening and learning with environmental organisations and leaders to target our resources to where they are most needed.

In some cases, the Trust leads new ventures, providing administration, communications and office support to get initiatives off the ground.

We enter into all of our relationships with objective of ensuring that our support will extend the reach of these organisations and help them to transition to the next stage of their development. This approach is proving to be highly effective, as you can see in our impact studies.

Targeted support


Rendere Strategic Director, Jim Phillipson, is well known in the eNGO sector as a mentor, collaborator, connector and enabling funder who has established formative relationships with a wide range of established and emerging environmental groups and leaders.

Jim’s extensive knowledge of business management, environmental philanthropy and grassroots conservation allows him to connect like-minded groups to each other, enabling them to achieve greater impact together.


The Trust collaborates and co-invests with many other Australian philanthropists and corporates and seeks to open doors to international not-for-profit funding.

Strategic Director, Jim Phillipson, is an active contributor to the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network and works with leading organisations including the Australian Land Conservation Alliance and Impact Club to encourage investment in environmental projects. The Trust also works with private landholders and Trust for Nature to promote  private land conservation. One example of this is the EcoGipps project.